Marlon Craft

Tue, April 25, 2023
8:00 pm


Marlon Craft is a hip-hop artist from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Craft’s career began with a strong presence in the underground scene through various viral freestyles and mixtapes before emerging with his debut album, Funhouse Mirror, in 2019. Funhouse Mirror featured the controversial and critically acclaimed “Gang Shit” single, which spoke to institutional racism in America and had widespread cultural impact and acknowledgment. The son of a jazz musician, Craft’s work is known for his fresh live instrumentation, top-tier lyricism, vulnerability, and sociopolitical commentary. In 2020, after releasing his debut album through Same Plate Entertainment, Craft went back completely independent and started The Center, a subscription-based exclusive community for his core fans to directly fund his work. In Jan 2021, Craft was featured on The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC for his timely “State of the Union” single – the segment would go on to be the most viewed online segment of the show for the entire year. The rest of Craft’s 2021 included his sophomore album, “How We Intended”, the vulnerable “SPACE” EP, and the HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE mixtape. His third official album, “While We’re Here” dropped in May of 2022 to much acclaim as Craft’s impact continued to widen and rise. In Feb of 2023, Craft released “SPACE 2” an EP follow up to SPACE. With more music in abundance on the way and an ever-growing fanbase of millions of worldwide listeners, Craft continues to carve a new path independently with his music-first approach.