Electric Avenue

The 80's MTV Experience

Fri, March 31, 2023
10:00 pm


We don’t get to repeat even one minute of our time here, but what if you could relive all of the youthful energy and sonic celebration that was 1980s New Wave & Radio Pop? Every sound. Everynuance. Every feeling.

“If you close your eyes it’s 1985. This band is unbelievable.” Christine Murphy, Manchester, CT

What started out as a one-off gig has turned into 100 shows a year across the US. EA has cruised international waters with Walking Dead Cast, Kid Rock, The Impractical Jokers, Joey Fatone, Pitbull, and joined on stage by Bobby Kimball from Toto, Pat Benatar, Talk Talk, Little River Band, and more… In 2019, Electric Avenue were hand selected and flown to Asbury Park, NJ to help Bruce Springsteen, Gurinder Chadha, and New Line Entertainment launch the 80s centric feel good music film of the summer, ‘Blinded By The Light’. It’s always good to know the Boss. If the Devil is truly in the details, then these boys are slow dancing with Darth Vader himself. Electric Avenue’s sound is so close to that of the original artists that in 2019 Warner Music issued a cease-and-desist for using original artists recordings on their social channels. After hearing the complete live recording of Electric Avenue’s performance, Warner Music issued an apology to the band. You just can’t buy that kind of press!

“Incredible! Every song was as good as the original, or better.” Michael Collins, San Diego, CA

You also can’t buy people’s support. Giving it all you’ve got while on stage is natural for this A-team, as-is the community relationship that Electric Avenue shares with its fans. With much respect for the task of raising money for the voiceless, Electric Avenue has managed to turn itself into a fundraising juggernaut, having raised over 20 million dollars for charities across the southeast in the last 7 years alone. In fact, early in the 2020 spring lock down, EA’s quick-pivot from live performance to on-line livestream fundraising efforts, meant that a few of GA’s key charities didn’t miss a beat with the fundraising efforts. (pun intended) In fact, EA’s hard work and commitment to one specific cause ensured that Covid Vaccines were available to all homeless persons in the State of Georgia. #respect

“If we lose sight of who we were when we were younger, then we lose the gravity of all of the things that were important to us. This plays into what EA does, which is to remind people of a time when they came home from school, put on a record and listened to it with open ears and an open heart. That’s what we’re selling – Nostalgia and the absolute most fun.” Kevin Spencer (Lead Vocals / Guitar) These musicians have sold over 15 million albums as session players during their careers, they just happen to really love some of the same records that you do. The best records from the best decade in music.

If namedropping is your thing… You may have seen or heard these guys abilities with: Lionel Richie, Paul Simon, Emmy Lou Harris, Idina Menzel, Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade, Little River Band, Michael Malarkey (Vampire Diaries), Daughtry, Zac Brown Band, Player, RENT, Paula Cole, Tracy Chapman, Bobby Kimball (Toto) Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Edwin McCain, Robbie Dupree, Rita Wilson, Lindsay Ell, B-52s, Boston, Collective Soul, Mother’s Finest, Sister Hazel, Yanni, Boyz II Men, & many more…

Every sound. Every nuance. Every feeling. Every time.